It’s 2022, and it’s high time we stop objectifying women! I mean, it’s not hard to spot a tasteless and offensive ad right?

In today’s episode of bizarre ads, we have a Russian brand that made models wear bikinis to sell caskets. Yeah, they actually thought erotic visuals would sell their coffins.

Reportedly,, a Russian mortuary service, shot an ad that made models wear bikinis to promote their funeral services.

In the horrendous video, some models are hopping inside the casket and some climbing on the top. Some wore sweatshirts and smiled in front of the camera.

The campaign post read: “We have our own staff of qualified agents, who supervise the organisation of the funeral at every stage – from paperwork to the rite”.

The campaign was created by Albert Mazzafarov, social media manager of the company, and Vasily Lukovnikov, the boss, approved it. 

My work is connected with the mournful events that happen in the life of every person, so I, as a specialist in such a difficult field, can help in the quality organization of the funeral.

So far, no legal action has been taken against the organisation.

I don’t even get the context between caskets and bikinis? And the fact that a funeral service ad would look like this is a whole different issue.

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