Sambit Patra is the communicator of Modi ji’s ideas, he is the provider of memes, and the collector of a wide variety of books. Sambit ji is one of a kind.

And even though we have all gotten used to his unpredictable behaviour (in most cases unwillingly), there are times when we have had to ask “are you okay?”. Here are some of those instances. 

1. When he decided to act out the ENTIRE ‘rasode mein kaun tha’ scene to make a point during a TV debate.

This becomes funnier if you keep an eye on the anchor and the other panelist, who do not seem impressed. You have to appreciate Sambit ji’s dedication, here, though. It’s not easy to come up with those heavy metaphors.

2. When he tried to impersonate Navjot Singh Sidhu and for some reason, this made Arnab laugh so much, he had to be taken off screen.


3. Sambit ji’s popular namaste biscut khao rant did not make much sense, but it makes for a great meme.

4. When he got out of control during a debate and started going “maariye maariye” (which may or may not remind you of a certain Pakistani cricket fan). Though, to be fair, Sanjay Nirupam was just as much at fault here.

As for Anjana Om Kashyap, she was as useful as moderating this debate as the boats trying to douse fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

5. While Sambit ji doesn’t tweet much apart from his debate timings and praise for BJP, sometimes he posts gems like these without context. 

6. Finally, the time he said that cow dung is more expensive than kohinoor

So, we have been fighting with the British for no reason all this while?

It’s very tough to win an argument against Sambit ji. Mostly because we, as humans, find it tricky to not lose our minds when the spokesperson of a national political party acts like Kokila Ben.

But all jokes aside, he has said some really problematic/dangerous things in the past and none of the funny stuff should take away from that.