If there is one bank which forms the bulk of memes on the internet, it is the State Bank of India (SBI). You are bound to find a meme somewhere on any social media platform about the bank and/or its services. 

India Today

Getting anything done in a public sector bank in India is nothing short of a hassle. But this Indian multinational public sector bank is infamous for persistently asking its customers to get all their queries and issues solved only after the lunch hour.

While we thought this might just be a pan-India phenomenon turns out that we were wrong. A user on Twitter shared a picture of an SBI branch in London. It turns out that the branch was shut at 12:30 in the afternoon for its lunch hour.

The user also added how he felt “represented”.

Twitter being Twitter grabbed the opportunity and what followed was a classic fun fest.

Gotta love how the bank has always prioritized work balance for its employees. They did it much before everyone started talking about work balances. It’s SBI for a reason.