Shashi Tharoor is always in the news. Be it from his flamboyant dictionary or his tweets he is always out there. 

This time, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor stole all the attention from the groom. A photo of Tharoor is viral on Twitter, where he is seen posing with the newly-wed couple.

The picture was shared by the groom,  Abhishek Kulkarni, thanking Shashi Tharoor for attending the wedding. 

He captioned the post saying:

The man who never fails to bless me in whatever I do, either in person or in spirit. For the most special occasion of my life, Shashi Tharoor travelled all the way & stayed with us for two days in Mahabaleshwar to bless (my wife) and me and enjoyed every bit of our wedding.

Though the order of the picture – the bride, the groom, and Tharoor looks fine, but Tharoor seems to a tad overdressed. 

Twitter thinks the same, and here’s what they had to say. 

You deserve all the attention at your wedding!