The Indian Parliament has understandably always been a busy place. Only, it’s not just busy in ways one would typically imagine. There are speeches and fights, arguments and counterarguments, but there are also moments of hilarity that are swiftly turned into memes on social media. Here we look at some such moments.

1. Mr. Shashi Tharoor may want to ‘look’ a little serious next time he is in Parliament if wants to avoid being turned into a meme.

2. Historic.

3. RG just killed it that day.

4. Or when you convince HR it “actually was flu”.

5. Five-year-old me standing in a towel, waiting for my mother to dress me up.

6. Can’t blame them.

7. Also, Yuvraj to England cricket team after six 6s.

8. Hair straightener. Definitely switched on. My house is going to burn.

9. Class nap time hits different.


Politics can be funny, politicians definitely are.