To state the obvious, the Human Resources department in any office is a thankless job. A department which people only go to when they join a new company, or when they are about to leave the company, or to file complaints.
Thanks to pop culture, HR is also one of the most hated departments in any organization.

We found a few threads on social media where the HR confessed their not so human deeds and even the weirdest things they dealt with at work. Here are 17 such instances.

1. “I may or may not have backdated a few forms after my audit found them missing.” – Brometheus-Pound

2. “I refuse to enforce the dress code.” – moonwillow60606

3. “I keep gifts that other recruiting companies, Human Resource Outsourcing companies, and catering companies send over. And I don’t tell anyone about them. I received beautiful chocolate covered fortune cookies just today…they’re in my work bag for later consumption.” – 1kmileboots

4. “I was going through applicants for a job and accidentally rejected about 10 people (I had about 98 applicants for one job. It’s a part-time retail clerk position, so we’re talking low skill, low wage employment). I didn’t even bother to fix it. I just kinda went meh. Like the classic joke: I don’t want unlucky people working for me.” – n0remack

5. “At my last position as an HR Assistant, someone (that I went to high school with) called and inquired about the position I was currently in and the hiring process. I told the person over the phone that I would get back to them as soon as I had all the information collected. I never got back to said person. PS: I saw the same exact person about two days ago and they work less than a half mile from my new job.” – bieberboy209

6. “I “accidentally” took away someone’s HRIS (Human Resources Information System) admin access over a busy weekend because I may have been tired of all their urgent requests and laziness. If you randomly lose access, you know why. Don’t piss off the administrators.” – HRproMN

7. “I have hired girls over others in entry level positions strictly because they were pretty. In reality, anyone could have qualified, but I hired the pretty girls over the others.” – Bang_Bang_ShootEm_UP

8. “Fired a serious alcoholic that worked with us because he was a danger to himself and the rest of the crew. His wife and kids left him after that and I’m sure he probably drank himself to death by now. I don’t regret firing him, but I do regret that my actions probably sent him into a downward spiral.’ – DennisBroadway

9. “I have restricted access to the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) because of an untrusting and power hungry CFO. We have a system that queries the database for reporting. I pointed Power BI at it and realised it had no password protection. Now I know everything.” – Anonymous

10. “I made an employee come in at 6:30 for the morning rush hour only to tell her to leave after 10 minutes because they were a bit overstaffed. At least give her 2 hours for her troubles.” – jondonbovi

11. “I purposely did not complete an important project on time because the project manager was a prick outside of work. I hated every second of it because it put MY work behind, but it was worth it.” – Anonymous

12. “We have pretty low standards for hiring at my company — it’s a lot of part time, low-skill positions… Given those circumstances, I guess it’s inevitable that I’ve made some bad decisions. But when I hear what my co-workers have had to deal with because of these bad hires I just feel terrible…I was not trained very much on interviewing techniques when I started, just picked up stuff along the way.” – Anonymous

13. Life isn’t fair.

14. People looking for jobs, please take note.

15. Now you know the reason behind those long lunch hours.

16. Organisations have a no-violence policy for situations like these.

17. HRs are humans after all.

Some of them absolutely make you lose your mind!