I’d begin with a simple (read: rhetorical) question. Who doesn’t enjoy a good samosa? Okay, if not the mushy aloo inside, at least the crispy outer layer of it. I guess we’re all in the latter category.

Foodgasm is real, no questions whatsoever. And a freshly prepared samosa is pretty much capable of offering you that. However, some facts are better kept in your head rather than saying aloud or, worse, putting on a public signboard.

Twitter user spotted an ad poster for ‘Sharmaji Ke Samose’ which goes a step further and guarantees you an orgasm. The claim seems bold? Well, you gotta try it for yourself.

(On a side note: The font is speaking volumes!)

When all we could think about was Sharmaji ka beta doing marvels, Sharmaji woke up one day and proved that he was no less.

This is proof that your partner might or might not promise you an orgasm but food will definitely do. Make wise choices, folks!