India is incredible in a lot of ways – one is the fact that bizarre things that we only expect from movie plots, happen in real life. Waking up to weird news is surprising for the world, but for us – it’s just another day. And, in today’s bizarre story, a bride married her sister’s groom due to a ‘mix-up’.


The sisters from Madhya Pradesh were marrying grooms from different families, and the ‘switch’ happened due to power cut. They were both dressed in similar-looking attire and their faces were covered in veils, which is why no one noticed the mix-up in the dark – even during the pheras. Honestly, it sounds like a scene out of an Abbas-Mustan film, or a Hindi TV show.


The families realized the mix-up only after they reached their respective homes. A brief dispute took place due to the switch that happened and the families finally reached a ‘settlement’. As a result, the ceremony was performed again, the next day. Let’s just say it – power failure and shortage of electricity is a major issue but this is a better sounding storyline than most wedding plots on Indian television.

India Today

Is this what they meant when they said – MP ajab hai, sabse gajab hai?