Our society’s obsession with marriages reflects in the relentlessness with which they are carried out on television. Life inspires art, after all. However, the shows are fictional, which means that the creators can play with concepts. Here are 5 instances when they arguably played a little too much.

1. This scene where a woman had ‘sindoor varsha‘ on herself after another woman slipped and toppled the plate off her hands. The scene has a lot of twists, which can be tough to process. This is why you see all the characters being taken aback one by one. They were waiting for their turn. Discipline.

2. Here, the guy comes to pick up a hairbrush when his sleeve accidentally grazes against a box of indoor. His sleeve catches a handful of it by some miracle and as he is brushing his hair, the indoor falls on the woman’s forehead and they get married.

That’s Teja from Bigg Boss, yes. Of course, she won the show. Who is going to be able to beat her?

3. In this swayamvar type situation, the woman asks her suitors to get her a piece of the moon (fair), and they agree (sweet). Look at that guy trying to get a piece of the moon for his lady love. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you know what to ask for, ladies.

4. In this marriage on Naagin, a shapeshifting snake gets married to a human male to avenge the death of her kin. He doesn’t know that, obviously, until she decides to do THIS. She either kills him eventually or falls in love with him – one of those things.

5. Entry of the former husband with a new memory at the second wedding of his ex-wife. This was on Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, but you know that already. I feel like it was Tulsi-Mihir’s wedding that set the tone for the other TV marriages that followed. The benchmark for absurdity was set pretty high and it didn’t help that the ‘event’ remains one of the most-watched ones on Indian TV. 

People are getting married thanks to flying sindoor and I can’t find a date!