Mixing two cuisines of food to create something ‘different’ seems to be all the craze. 

There was a pasta-dosa:

Gulab Jamun pancake:

And many more unappetizing abominations.

The latest ‘innovation’ is a ‘Croissant Vada Pav’ that we are pleasantly confused about. 

A croissant cut into half with a vada sandwiched between it is going viral on Twitter. It is also topped with a chilli and some authentic chutney. 

P.S. Shouldn’t it have been called Croissant Vada? Because where is the Pav?

Twitter is quite divided about it being a good call or a very bad one. Because let’s face it, croissant is basically a lot of butter and flour and who doesn’t love that. 

Would you try this version of the vada pav? Or is it a hard pass?