Thanks to Twitter, we get to see the darndest things about our Bollywood celebrities. The social media platform gives us access to drunk posts, deleted posts, hidden posts, and even the ones celebs didn’t want us to see. 

Case in point: We thought of compiling the strangest tweets by Bollywood celebs. Indeed they never fail to entertain us!

1. But Twitter loves Uday Chopra.

2. No Ameesha. We don’t blame you for not knowing the movie name. 

3. Humour beyond our imagination.

4. Hahaha, thanks for letting us know about the trick.

5. And only if Twitter had an edit button. We would have never witnessed this.

6. No comments.

7. That’s the least controversial statement. 

8. SRK always has better comebacks! 

9. Words that did not need a tweet. 

10. You mean noble prize winner Malala Yousafzai? 

11. Who U?

12. That’s not even an inspired post.

13. Cool.

14. Please elaborate!

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