There’s no dearth of weird things happening across our country. And in a shocking incident, a 22-year-old boy drunk called 100, which connects a person to their nearest police station, at 2:30 in the night.

As per a report, when the cops reached his location, the boy had the most bizarre request.

The boy, identified as Madhu, dialled 100, claiming he was in a state of emergency. He claimed that a group of people were threatening to attack him.

When the cops reached the spot, they found Madhu, a native of Doultabad who lives in Hyderabad, in a drunken state. When they asked him about his issue, he asked them to get him two bottles of chilled beer as all the liquor outlets in the area were shut at the time.

Needless to mention, the cops registered a petty case against him. He was called in the next morning and was let go post a counselling session.

The incident was reported from Vikarabad, Telangana.

The Hans

Some people just can’t handle their drinks!