From Michelle Obama’s fierce looks to Amanda Gorman’s empowering poem recital, US President Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony saw a lot of special moments. 


But, the most memorable thing, or rather the most viral part about the ceremony has obviously become Senator Bernie Sanders’ ‘grumpy’ photo, wearing a Burton jacket and mittens. 

Vanity Fair

I mean, it is well on its way to becoming the best meme of the decade, with everyone, from corporates to celebrities to the aam junta, participating in the trend.

And in peak internet behavior, people have now created a website and an Instagram filter that puts Bernie wherever you want him. 

Yes, Indian origin software engineer Nick Sawhney created a website where you can add the name of the location, and with the help of Google Maps, the site generates a photo with Bernie at the location. 

Naturally, Twitterati loved the idea. 

And even we tried the website, and let’s just say, the results are everything we’d hoped they would be: 

Bernie at the Red Fort

Bernie at the Eiffel Tower

Bernie at the India Gate

Much like Nick, Instagram user @geenakimkim created a filter ‘Bernie <3’, that adds Bernie’s photo from the inauguration wherever you’d like.

Literally, wherever you’d like. 

Elite Daily

And not only did Senator Sanders took the jokes in his stride, he even used the new-found viral fame for a good cause, by selling sweatshirts with the viral meme on them on his website.

The proceeds would go to Meals on Wheels Vermont. Ah, clearly Sanders is just a sweet guy hiding behind a grumpy look and warm mittens!