Our opinions are personal, and it’s a human emotion to hate things/ideas/people. But at times, some things are hated a little more than normal, either because they’re too popular or not popular enough. Thanks to the internet, this hate spreads so fast that at times we just hop on the bandwagon, without a reason.

And according to Redditors, these are some examples:

1. “Black cats. They are so sweet and funny. But some people think they are ‘bad luck’, so they’re less likely to be adopted.”

2. “Vegetarian options.”

3. “Toby from The Office.”

4. “Pineapple on pizza – I don’t like it either but why so much hate?”

5. “Vaccines.”

6. “Women gamers.”

7. “Gen Z. Yeah, they do some cringey shit, but I have peers in their 30s and 40s who also do cringey shit.”

8. “Pumpkin spice lattes. It’s a fun fall drink and if it makes people happy, that’s awesome! Mocking people for liking a certain beverage is just weird and mean for no reason. And drinking black coffee does not make you hardcore.”

9. “Tiktok. I used to hate it for no reason.”

10. “Samsung products.”

11. “QR code menus. The outrage is just unnecessary.”

12. “Blue cheese. It’s not as bad as it’s made out to be.”

13. “Monday. It’s just another day.”

– barajaj

14. “MSG. It gets a bad reputation from a bogus report. It’s too delicious not too love.”

15. “Comic Sans. It’s a font. Get over it.”

Hating Dolores Umbridge, now that makes sense.