We all have our guilty pleasures –  something that seems weird to the world but makes perfect sense to us. One of them is the thing that turns us on. They can be something straightforward and sexy but also totally weird.

We found a Reddit thread where men discussed things they hate because it turns them on. And the answers are funny, unique, and also absolutely mind-blowing.

1. “Prospect of sex after an argument. I can’t even argue properly sometimes because I get horny.” – brown_boys_fly

2. “A clean bed with new sheets.” – KKKHANNN


3. “Collar bones and thighs.” – Anonymouslasagna

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4. “Vanilla sex.” – TheQuakeCityPortal

5. “When women act like brats.” – Upset-Finding-9465

6. “Being called ‘daddy’. I wish it didn’t get me going.” – Available-Travel-603

7. “Bumpy vehicle trips.” – jayson_b272

8. “Any kind of physical touch from a woman! Not that I hate it, just hard to hide what it does to me.” – thatzplumwild

9. “I don’t even like to admit this because it’s probably universally the biggest turnoff for people: But there is something oddly seductive about smoking.” – lineskicat14

10. “A women’s anger/rage. Weird enough.” – jackaloppindoppin

11. “Roller coasters.” – 72littleguy

12. “Getting scolded at. Like what, say that again, please.” – curly-hair07

13. “Bare feet with nice arches and clean pedicured toes.” – thecakeisdryy

14. “Cute ears. No idea why.” – JamesTheMannequin

15. “Skirts. It makes my GF want to turn me on as a game.” – ghxstnova

16. “Chiropractic videos.” – High__Fever

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17. “The smell of mint.” – Future_CoolPresident


To each their own, that’s all we have to say.