Remember how Once Upon A Time In Hollywood had a warning against the ill effects of smoking every time a character held a cigarette in their hands? Now, they held a cigarette in their hands in every alternate scene so you can say the warning was very much a part of the script. 

Recently, things got worse. They blurred out the alcohol glasses in the movie Ford Vs Ferrari, which has to be a joke because who cannot tell they are alcohol glasses?

The censor board, however, seems very clear in its stance so I re-imagined some iconic scenes from Bollywood movies and stuff that should have been blurred according to the CBFC’s logic.

1. Having too much alcohol for too long can kill. You know what kills you in one go? Slipping from the stairs. Should blur them out.

2. Guns, in that case, are out of question.

3. Bombs? Na baba na.

4. Good for Jaya Bachchan she was showing off her Rampuri knife back in the 70s. Too dangerous to show it now.

5. And look at John showing off his bike. Buddy, control.

6. Sridevi is holding a hunter in her hands in this scene. Fixed it for the audience. 

7. Blood on Aamir Khan’s face is also gone, like whooshh.

8. All the drugs, smoking and alcohol in Dev D need to go.

9. And Gangs Of Wasseypur toh ban kaise gayi, I have no idea. The entire movie should have been a blur.

Now that I think about it, I might have given ideas to the censor board. Apologies in advance.