From fighting with them over the remote to pampering them with everything they want, elder siblings are nothing but a blessing. When my sister recently got hitched, I realised that it might seem fun at first, but there are a plethora of strong emotions you experience during the ceremonies.

Now that the wedding and the craziness with it has finally ended, I can’t help but think back to all the things I experienced. If you have gone through it too, you might relate. Also, please keep your tissues ready because it’s going to be a warm yet fun ride!


1. Kapdo ki shopping, wedding card ki shopping, relatives ke liye gifts ki shopping – your life is going to be just about shopping. Ab yehi tumhari social life, TGIF aur Saturday Night plans hai.

2. You would feel extremely pressured as there would be a lot of things that are pending until the very last minute. *What do you mean tailor bhaiya misplaced the chunni?*

3. The days, and at times even weeks, leading up to the wedding are like a big ass party with different people, even durrrrrr ke rishtedaar, flooding your home. 

4. You might level up your jogging skills since you would be constantly running from one place to another in order to get things done.

5. But with all the food-tasting (daal makhni ya daal tadka? chicken ki kitni dishes?) and venue-visiting sessions, you might feel a little guilty for cheating on your cardio.

6. Now you are in charge of selecting the playlist and choreographing performances for a fun-filled sangeet ceremony. *1,2,3,4 – 4 pe left turn tha ya right?*

7. You will constantly be reminded of how you are going to be the next one to take that seat up on the stage. “Badi behen ki toh shaadi ho gayi, ab toh tumhari baari hain.”

8. It’s time to amp up your negotiating skills because, joota chuppai aur ribbon cutting main kamai nahi ki toh kya shaadi ki!

9. Whether you like it or not, you will have to do all the things your elder sibling used to be in charge of. From getting groceries to paying bills, you are now responsible for all of it.

10. You will get a little nostalgic about the fact that it’s not just “you guys” anymore. Ab whose clothes will you steal and who will save you from mummy ki daant (and chappal) when you sneak in late at night?

11. You would miss everything about your bond with your sibling- yes, even the fights! Ab kya karun remote chupake?

12. The best thing after the entire wedding ceremony is that you will have a new member in the family!

Ah, I am going to miss these days with my elder sibling.