When you go to a cooking show, the foremost expectation from you is that you would have brought a dish cooked by yourself. But looks like this contestant on a Pakistani cooking show did not understand the assignment.

In a clip going viral on Twitter, a cooking show contestant brought packaged biryani to, um… a cooking show. In her defence, she said she was just asked to bring food and no one asked her to cook and then bring it. I mean, it wasn’t specified that she needs to cook it, right?

At first glance, it might look like it’s a spoof, but sadly (or thankfully?) it isn’t. It’s 100% legit and 200% hilarious. It didn’t just leave people in splits, it also was a cliffhanger and the audience was left curious, asking, “what happened next?”


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With the contestant bringing packaged food, refusing to leave and the judge leaving the seat instead, this Pakistan MasterChef was a full-on entertainer. If you too are invested and curious or just want to watch more of this banger, I’ll link the OG video below.


She might not have cooked the food but she definitely served.