In an undeniably amusing story today, we have a man who was duped into buying celery instead of weed. And the climax of this story will leave you high on laughter. So, hold on. 

A video is doing rounds on social media where an Indonesian man is complaining to the police about how he was scammed into buying celery and grass by his dealer. 

The man was literally seen filing a report about an illegal substance, and the police officer can be seen laughing after hearing his amusing story. 

The sheer disappointment of this man receiving the wrong grass is chucklesome. In the said video, the man is wearing a green jacket as he unfurls the package to show how he received celery and grass.

Have a look:

As per reports, the incident took place on March 28 at the Palembang police station in South Sumatra. The man in the video says:

I bought it for 50,000 Rupiah (£2), sir. But it was only ordinary leaves.

After much laughter, the police told him that weed is classified as a drug and that possessing it is a crime. The man was asked a few more questions by the police about how many times he has consumed the drugs. 

Hold on, here comes the climax you didn’t expect. The police decided to let him go as he didn’t possess weed but only celery leaves. 

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