The internet is a magical place. You can interact with anyone in the world- be it your friends, family, or your favourite celebrity. These online spaces often churn out some gems of conversations. And this Twitter account compiles these gems where celebs own each other, and their trolls, people have Twitter banger moments, and netizens continue to embarrass each other on social media.

We compiled a few of them just for laughs.

Let’s begin with Markandey Katju who was asked a simple question. His reply blew up…

Kamaal R Khan is known for his tweets. But this time Abhishek Bachhan took the cake. This is not the first time Junior Bachhan has responded to KRK’s digs at him.

Even international cricketers were not spared. Pat Cummins was owned by David Warner for shaving a clean shaven face.

Glenn Maxwell married his girlfriend in March 2022. Looks like he wasn’t given a memo on the desi shaadi customs. BRB wondering how much shagun money they received. 

When someone decided to ask Captain Cool to focus on his game, Captain Cool replied back in his own style. 

The internet has all sorts of people.

We don’t know what to say.

The reply has us wheezing.

Celebrities are trolled often. While they block the trolls, some choose to report them. Some are successful, while some aren’t.

A lesson in irony. 

Even Walmart wasn’t spared.

All of us fumble sometimes, even IndiGo…

People love helping each other out.

Another case in point.

Indians love drawing parallels.

And saving the best for the last. This definitely reminds me of my mom’s taunts.

You can check out the Twitter account here and guffaw through the day.