What do you and your most hated co-worker have in common? You both equally hate your job. That’s right, I said it.

We don’t say it out loud, but the email that hopes to find us in good health, in reality, would find our eyes drowned in dark circles and back screaming in pain. You usually spend 5 minutes giggling at a meme about hating your boss that a friend tagged you in, so we thought writing an entire article about it would be a noble cause.

This Twitter account called @EmployeeTears posts tweets that are unspoken words of every employee. Read them so you know that there are many sailing in the same boat as yours. 

1. And kids, that’s why we never plan trips during month ends. 

2. ‘Cos somebody always had it worse, right?

3. Legit my co-worker when I ask them to replace me on a Sunday shift.  

4. An over-enthusiastic intern’s tale. 

5. A wise man once said, “Reward for good work is more work.”

6. And nope, the email didn’t find me well. 

7. All of us during the appraisal time in March. 

8. Ouch. 

9. Good burn. 

10. Power?? I will continue to struggle while paying my bills. 

Ironically, my boss made me write this. BRB, going to pretend that I love my job.