We often see matrimonial ads in newspapers, but this one today will make you question the sheer audacity of this person. And guess what? Even Sima Taparia won’t be able to find a match for this man. 

So dentist Abhinao Kumar (currently unemployed) is looking for a bride who is brave, rich, loyal, and of course, an expert in raising a child. Wait, the demands don’t end here- he wants a woman to ‘increase India’s military & sports capabilities’.

The list is long, and the conditions ahead only get worse and more problematic. Here’s what the ad read:

Twittizens are clearly pissed by his demands, and here’s what they have to say:

Someone pointed out that this is an old matrimonial ad, but the person is surely single now, and we agree!

 Kaha se aata hai itna confidence?

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