Jofra Archer is a prophet. Or so Twitter would have you believe. Unless you’ve been far far away from social media (don’t lie, you’ve been glued to your phone, haven’t you?) you’ve heard of Jofra Archer‘s crazy ability to predict the World Cup on Twitter.

Or at the very least, have tweets from years ago that are crazily appropriate for incidents from the World Cup. Like this:

Or even this.

But his crazy powers of divination didn’t stop there. They said last night’s World Cup final was so good you couldn’t script a better one. But Twitter thinks it might’ve been scripted. By Jofra Archer on the blue bird.

You might put that one down to coincidence. But then you spot this.

And this.

Now he’s just showing off.

This is getting ridiculous now.

And of course Twitter has found their new god. They weren’t going to let this go.

We probably just haven’t looked hard enough for it.

Worth a shot.

There’s no other explanation.

Yep, he did.

Maybe that’s why he was so confident. He knew he was going to win.