The new Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 that came into effect on 1st September, imposes hefty penalties for violating traffic norms. Under the new rules, fines for offences such as drunk driving, not possessing driving licences and violating traffic laws have increased significantly.

And recently, a man riding a scooter in Gurugram was fined ₹23,000 for violating traffic rules.

The Better India

These penalties and strict actions being taken by the traffic police across the country have resulted in a meme traffic on Twitter.

Superintendent of Police, Security & Telecom, Haryana, Pankaj Nain also shared images of two challans worth over ₹20,000 each given to traffic violators.

The amendments had been tabled for a long time and now that they have been passed, we hope people follow the rules and save themselves and their money.