Remember when our desi mothers used to roll parathas and gave them to us while going to school, college and office? And even while travelling! They just didn’t care about the short time period or availability of food, they would always pack some snacks and hand them over to you. And since then, it has become our habit to be over-prepared with food while travelling.

There’s no doubt that we desis love taking scrumptious snacks on the plane with us, even if we are only flying in just a two-hour flight. Because, who would spend ₹250 on a friggin’ vada pav, right?

And, this thread about taking snacks on the airplane shows that all desi people in the world know that feeling quite well. It all started when a passenger, Umang, shared a picture of his bag full of desi snacks on his social media handle.

From namkeens and papads to chips, there were a number of chatpata snacks that could be seen neatly packed in his bag.   

Needless to mention, desis couldn’t keep calm and this is what they had to say:

This is how you tell someone you are desi without telling them that you are desi!