For the longest time, I thought that my father is the only one who doesn’t understand the concept of texting. He sends me more formal texts than most e-mails that I write. I also considered setting up automated responses on his phone. Because well, no one will know the difference. I mean, how can the same person who shouts from the other room asking – ‘khaane mei kya khaana hai?’, text me – ‘What will you be consuming for dinner?’. 

To every person who thinks the same, don’t worry – this is every desi father ever. This is exactly why, this Twitter thread about formal texts that our fathers send is too relatable.

Turns out, this is a universal format used by fathers for texting – khushi mili jaan kar, that I’m not alone.

Because, sabhi ke ‘daddy cool’.

Dear fathers, this is what your offsprings have to share about your methods of using texts as a tool for communication.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we discuss, how our fathers use emojis.