Indian weddings are all about food, naagin dance and people taking offense for no reason. If you’re in your 20s, it’s about finding rishtas for you – because you’re next in line. While they’re mostly like a reunion with relatives you don’t like, there are some good things too. I, for one, go for the food – I mean, who doesn’t like the free ka buffet?

From loud DJ remixes to people getting drunk enough to dance, they’re a proper taam-jham that we embrace. But, no Indian wedding ends without a little drama.

And these Tweets about desi weddings are so honest that it hurts.

Twitterati even came up with memes that sum up the relatives who can spot you from a different venue.

And, then there were truth bombs – that will make you re-think going to the next chacha ke bete ki shaadi.

Some tried looking at the glass half-full.

Basically, all Indian weddings are the same – it’s like a starter pack for desi shaadis, where nothing changes except the theme. And, no matter how hard we try, there’s no escaping the uncomfortable encounters and the harsh bright lights that have the capacity of blinding us.

And, we continue to go for the food.