Unless you have been living in an isolated igloo with no internet connection, you'd know thatΒ BINODΒ is the latest internet sensation who has turned desi Twitter into meme generator.Β 

Jokes apart, Twitter user @GabbbarSinghΒ Β hopped on to the viral BINOD bandwagon and casually requested Paytm, the leading mobile payment app to be a "sport" and officially change their Twitter username to BINOD.Β 

And to internet's surprise, the brand Paytm did end up being a really good "sport", accepted the challenge and replied to the Twitter user's humble request with aΒ  "done".Β 

Nope, we're not kidding you, this is exactly what Paytm's twitter handle looks like now:Β 

Source: Twitter

This move by Paytm led to a hilarious transaction of memes:Β 

For those of you who still don't know who BINOD is or what this viral trend is about, click hereΒ and you shall understand the hype around Binod being the sensation he is.Β 

'Binod' it or not, this actually happened!