The 31-year-old politician Raghav Chadha became a household name as soon as he stepped into politics back in 2016. Partially because of his work and partially because of his good looks. 

Hindustan Times

This Vice Chairman of the Delhi Jal Board has been in the past, flooded with marriage proposals and is no doubt one of the most eligible bachelors out there. 

However, his latest tweet has proven that he is also sassy AF. As if he could get any more perfect. 

Outlook India

On his account, Raghav shared a few pictures of him distributing food during the lockdown to make sure that no one goes hungry. A Twitter user was quick to point out how cute he looked while doing so and asked for a bite. 

Raghav had quite a witty response to share in return. 

I’m not blushing, you are!

Twitter can’t stop lauding his hilarious response. 

A woke politician who is funny and practices social distancing? He’s as rare as they come.