If you’re a vegan who has got serious issues with your best friends eating meat and you can’t be at the same table as them when they eat it, and you even make disgusting faces while they’re eating, I’m not sure whether they even consider you a best friend! 

Apparently, an Animal Rights protest in New York City has gone viral on Twitter, but not for the reason you’re thinking.  

In the hilarious viral video, a man can be seen gleefully eating Shish Kebab in front of an animal rights activist who’s hurling insults at him on his face. The man, amused, continues to eat meat without saying a word which further provokes the activist, while the spectators seem entertained with the one-sided exchange. 

The New York Post reports that the animal rights protestors had gathered for a day-long rally against Nike for using Kangaroo leather. They also sprayed fake blood outside Dior and Louis Vuitton shops. It was during their protest the silent meat-eating man approached them, and the debacle began. 

Twitter went gaga upon seeing the vegan woman losing her cool. People are hailing the man as a “hero” and “king.”

You cannot force anyone to do anything, and this kind of outburst doesn’t really help your cause. Does it? The man seems pretty chilled out and sane here. 

That’s activism gone wrong to whole another level!

The point is: be a vegan if you want to, just don’t become one of those militant vegans. It doesn’t help anyone, including yourself, because nobody likes befriending an aggressive person who keeps projecting their opinions, beliefs, and faiths upon others. You’d end up making a fool out of yourself.

That being said, I wonder what coming back home must have been like to that guy! He pulled off a real thug life moment there.