Life throws confusing choices at times, and we do not know what to do – like choosing between two ice-cream flavours. And there’s an added pressure of making the right choice, where we want to support a cause but do not like dealing with the repercussions, it’s like figuring which alter ego to trust.

For when we’re confused about our choices, we don’t take a stand. On other days, we fumble and contradict ourselves by taking a stand for both the cases. Having a hard time imagining?

Redditor shared a picture with two posters right next to each other which take the opposite stand towards strike against LIC-IPO. The image was appropriately captioned Schrödinger’s LIC, given that it does sound like Schrödinger’s cat – only, THAT was a thought experiment. 

LIC-IPO is the mega initial public offering (IPO) of insurance giant, Life Insurance Corporation of India. Meanwhile, the internet is now trying to figure what went wrong with the placement of the signs.

But why are the employees opposing the IPO? They are even getting shares at discounted rate. – samfisher999“LIC IS SAFE. PROMOTE LIC” should be the slogan for nuclear energy power plants but it is for an insurance company. – a-thangI would love to meet some “anti-LIC forces”. – Ok-Science6820

Someone even described the scenario in a nutshell. 

When you hate your job but remember you have bills to pay. – Rosesh_I_Sarabhai

Is it just me, or does anyone else has this urge to go and place one of the posters somewhere else?