If you haven’t been in a parking dispute with a neighbor, you haven’t lived. Because, there’s always that one person who parks like there’s no tomorrow and then the world turns chaotic. And, as much as we like to think that fights in the neighborhood are a ‘desi thing’, they’re not. A recent parking dispute in Australia turned into a passive-aggressive vent session.

It started with a typed out note from a resident who wrote – “Buying a car and trailer solely to block others from parking at the right of your driveway is inconsiderate.” Now, in any normal situation this would be it, and the two people might talk it out. But here it meant more notes, like a complaint box where people keep adding their issues – only this was a Toyota. 

Of course, there’s also always that one person (more like a crowd) who just stands and takes pleasure in watching people fight. They’re usually a step away from getting popcorn, and here, they left a note saying, “Just here for the drama.”


The picture was shared on a Facebook community page for residents in Narrabeen, Elanora and Ingleside. And clearly, it got too real too fast. Of course, in a desi setting, this would be a loud debate with threats of puncturing car tyres.