In the movie Hera Pheri, there is a song called ‘Dene Wala Jab Bhi Deta Deta Chhappar Phaad Ke‘ which translates to when God decides to shower his blessings on you, it is abundant. And this is what happened with a man in Nagpur.

When the man decided to withdraw ₹500 from an ATM in Nagpur, he had no clue what was in store for him. The ATM machine dispensed not one ₹500 note but five notes of ₹500, a total of ₹2500.

Shocked and amazed, he decided to repeat the process. He received ₹2500 again. The news spread like wildfire and people flocked to this ATM in Khaparkheda town, located around 30 km from Nagpur city. Amidst this chaos, a customer alerted the police who rushed to the spot and swiftly shut the ATM centre.

The police informed the private bank. Later, it was revealed that ₹500 notes were erroneously kept in the tray which was meant to dispense ₹100 notes. The news also reached Twitter and people couldn’t cash up with it.

The ATM dispensed more cash as a result of a technical glitch. No case has been registered with the police so far.