We’ve all looked at weird celebrity posts and wondered what they were having. Like drunk texting, drunk posting is now a thing, at least we hope so – because if not, then what were they thinking? A Twitter account, @cringeindian, compiles these posts for fun. Of course, our desi celebs leave us with a lot of meme material, so we decided to revisit this page.

Lalu Prasad playing the beta card.

Just another Akshay Kumar stunt: mixing up timelines.

Where’s the punchline, though?

Every Salman-bhai-movie-plot ever.

Ram Gopal Verma and his “creative” ways.

When Sourav Ganguly made a boo-boo.

Urvashi has never urvashi-ed more.

This is Neha Dhupia, and “It’s her choice.”

Peak Bachchan moments.

Ananya Panday is an Ananya Panday fan.

Uday Chopra never got out of his character from Dhoom.

Yes, and thank you for the amazing literature.

Dear celebs, an explanation would still be nice.