Let’s be honest we all love the fun Indian weddings store for us. A wedding in a desi family unites all the family members together to have a gala time. While it has a lot of colourful elements to it, a wedding invitations is one of them.

It’s a special day for every couple and they want it to be perfect. Keeping up with the fun and happiness some of them have gone a little overboard with the wedding prep and made some most creative wedding cards. We picked the best and quirky ones for you have a look: 

1. A couple from Tamil Nadu decided to print their wedding card on a tablet strip. From dates, and venue to the time we have all the details right in there. 

2. This constitution-themed wedding invite looks law-ly and legally perfect. Looks like a lawyer is getting married.

3. Bollywood has been our inspiration for romance for decades. And no doubt it has influenced our weddings too. This groom from Karnataka took some inspo from the KGF movie, and here are the results.

4. You’d be lying if you say wedding presents don’t excite you, I mean how else do you compensate for that expensive affair? But this Surat couple made it clear- Wedding Gift = “Vote for Modi”

5. Following the wedding prep looks like someone forgot to proofread the wedding invite. This bride-to-be directed the guest to visit PornHub.com instead of her wedding website.

6. This couple invited people to their wedding with iPhones. Here you should go.

7. If Shaadi ya barbadi had a definition.  

8. RSVP has gone too real here.

9. Valid only till…

10. Horse Ovaries what?

The inspo you didn’t know you need. 

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