The internet is a weird place. But here’s the thing though. We are weird people. Before the internet, if you did something weird, you would keep it to yourself. Now, you can find a community of people who do the same weird stuff as you. That being said, it still doesn’t explain some of the shit listed below. 

1. Wolverine Meat Shredder Claws

Yup. You heard that right. You can shred meat pretty efficiently while feeling like the Wolverine. 

The Green Head

2. Nicholas Cage Pillowcases

The dude’s a legend. So, why not? And they are printed on both sides. So win-win!


3. Kitty Litter Box… For People

It’s a decorative set for people. I mean, I also love cats. But, my god!


4. Fresh Cow Dung

I mean, people use them for puja but why would you buy it when you can just pick it off the streets? 


5. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Again, we get that people love cats. But MY GOD!


6. Thanos One-Piece Swimsuit for Men and Boys

Thanos was inevitable. This should not have been. 


7. Fake Dog Poop

I don’t know how to respond to this. 


8. Live Ant Farm Ants

Unless you’re a scientist, this just seems very psychotic. 


9. A Pound Of Fat

Someone’s fanboying over Shakespear way too hard!


10. AK-47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Fucking Americans are at it again. 


11. Fake Vomit

When fake poop is already there, how can fake vomit be far behind? 


12. Zombie Attack Survival Kit

You can laugh all you want but when the dead rise, I’ll be the one left standing!


13. Urine Aiming Sticker

Not so weird. Fellow men, please learn to aim. 


14. Baby Delivery Training Model

Just please take the lady to the hospital. If you have to be told this, you shouldn’t be reproducing. 


15. Someone’s Soul

Unless big ol’ Samael is window shopping, I don’t see how that’s getting any buyers!

Business Insider

16. A Ghost In A Jar

Are souls different than ghosts?


17. A Dorito Shaped Like The Pope’s Hat

If you can drink the blood of Jesus, you can eat Pope’s hat Dorito!


18. A Grandmother

If the comedian Biswa is to be believed, you need one to eat fruits. 


19. A Man’s Life

Not worth much. 


20. Unassembled Snowman

In case you’re confused, that’s just snow, my dude. 


21. A Human Liver

The dude was from Florida, obviously. In case, you wanna buy it, don’t. You’ll be arrested. 


22. Virginity

Also, no. Nobody wants it. So, don’t even think about it. 


23. The Right To Name A Baby

I am terrified at the thought of someone actually spending money to buy this. Cos, if you do, you’re gonna name it something weird, aren’t you? 


24. Britney Spears‘ Bubble Gum

It’s just probably her dad selling it. #FreeBritney

The Today Show

Interfering with free and fair elections is where we draw the line, man. This is just profoundly weird.