From diamond biscuit to Bagwati, ZNMD was not just a story about friendship but so much more. 

I mean who can forget Bagwati, the €12,000, Hermes Kelly handbag. But, what if Kabir from ZNMD invested €12000 in Bitcoin in 2011 instead of gifting Bagwati to Natasha? 

No, I am not telling this, someone on Twitter just made a whole thread about it. 

He also calculated the profit Kabir would have made if he invested in Bitcoins & not Bagwati. Just look at the accuracy of numbers and profit this person has created. 

Twitteratis have already assembled & started giving all sorts of advice to him. Many call him crazy & say Bagwati ko Bitcoin se compare karna is not funny!

What do you think Kabir should have done? 

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