From toxic work environments to better working opportunities, there could be hundreds of reasons for putting down the papers for an employee.

However, a woman quit her job for a rather bizarre reason.


Reportedly, a woman, from China, who invited 70 of her colleagues to her wedding, was so upset when just one of them turned up that she ended up quitting her job.

The woman claimed that she had given souvenirs to a third of her co-workers at her office. She was concerned that if she invited only a few of them, others would get upset. Therefore, she invited all of her colleagues.

Interestingly, she sent out the invitations two months before her big day.

Unfortunately, her mentee was the only colleague who was present at the wedding ceremony. The woman was forced to throw the food enough to feed six tables and was left humiliated in front of her family. 

She felt so embarrassed with her colleagues for not showing up at her wedding that she quit her job the next day.

Now you know that you need to make your future wedding guest list wisely!