We have all seen this one unpleasant passenger having deep-rooted issues with literally anything on earth. It’s crazy how this passenger can go to any lengths for their comfort without realizing that they alone are a huge discomfort to all. I find such passengers delusional if you ask me!

In this endless list of bizarre passengers, this Redditor has shared about the one that tops them all. Basically, he was traveling by air with his little baby kid on his lap in the middle seat when a rude woman on the window side got exasperated and wanted them (the father and the kid) to shut up.


The story doesn’t stop here. The rude passenger now wanted the man to shift to another seat. Why? Well, because she had problems, and she had paid extra bucks for a window seat. When the man didn’t budge, the woman did what every person does when they know they’ve lost, she cussed! In front of the kid, I may add.

I felt like the lady was being rude and entitled and said I was happy where I was and preferred not to move. The hostess shrugged and walked off. Window lady said I was a dick. I said it takes one to know one and not to curse in front of my kid. 

Crazy how one difficult co-passenger can just ruin your day out of nowhere. Well, Redditors had a lot to say on this!

1. “How you deal with conflict is incredibly important to your child’s development because they copy you. Teaching your child that they are not wrong for talking to you and that they deserve respect as well as being able to stand up for themselves while not resorting to verbal or physical abuse is the most valuable lesson they can learn. You did the right thing.”


2. “If you want to sleep on a plane that’s not an overnight flight then you bring headphones, earplugs anything. You carry on being an awesome dad. Better to teach you kid not to bend to bullies.”


3. “Your child was behaving. It’s not your fault she’s a light sleeper. She was given the opportunity to move and chose not to, so it couldn’t have been that disruptive for her. She’s not entitled to dictate orders to complete strangers to change seats because she’d prefer it.”


4. “Window lady needs to invest in some noise cancelling headphones and STFU. (This is coming from someone who hates chattiness on flights…you cope.)”


5. “I think you handled everything well. It’s good for kids to see light conflict with suitable resolutions. Helps them see how to handle difficult situations, even if they don’t understand any context of it yet.”


6. “My goodness, that lady does not know children. You were entertaining a three year old, and keeping him quietish and happy. If you didn’t talk to him – well, a bored child is going to create SO much more havoc.”


What’s astounding is how some people assume they’re so entitled that they can sit on the throne of their own making and dictate to everybody else. Even people who’re strangers!