If you ever feel useless, think of all the WTF clothing items that are being sold in the markets but in reality, serve no purpose. Koi logic nahin hai unka. Despite that the supply and demand continues to happen. While for some clothing, I feel cheated as a consumer due to their wrong product descriptions, for the majority of them, I wonder why they existed in the first place?

Gif credits: Tenor

This reminded me of 11 illogical, impractical, and stupid clothing and accessories that should give me answers:

1.Silicon bra hai ya unsupportive ex?

I know you are in a toxic relationship with boobs. It’s high time that you start supporting them. It’s clear you will soon become an unsupportive ex. You are supposed to ‘stick-on’, remember?

Credits: India.com

2. Velcro closure skirt hai ya WWF ki belt?

You only cover intimate areas and look at your price, 82k approximately? Are you kidding me? And how am I supposed to sit in this WWF belt? Should I just gift you to a wrestler?

Credits: India Today

3. Arm warmer hai ya aadha buna hua sweater?

I have a bone to pick with you too. What’s up with this aadha buna hua sweater that you are? In which season should I wear you? Aadhi garmi aadhi sardi kisko chahiye bhai? Zara, I need these answers.

Credits: Twitter

And Disha Patani, did you buy your arm warmer at 70 per cent off?

4. Backless sweater hai ya hawa-aane-waali khidki?

You are nothing less than a hawa-aane-waali window that I won’t ever need. What’s the point of wearing you if all I’m going to get is influenza, fever, and what not? 

Credits: Etsy

5. Bum rip jeans hai ya ‘wahaan kainchi lag gayi thiwaali pant?

Suggest me a solid reason to buy you, the bina matlab ki jeans that you are. You exhibit bare ass, what’s your point? You call it a fashion? Sach batao kainchi galat chal gayi thi wahan, right?

Credits: Maxim/India Times

6. Micro purse hai ya dolo rakhne waala dabba?

I guess two-three dolo 650 tablets will fit into you, you teeny-tiny bag. May be a hair strand? Or my conscience if I get insane? It’s like a big handbag gave birth to you. Cute but nay!

Credits: Pinterest

Rani Mukerji, what did you keep inside it? I am curious.

Rani Mukerji at Armaan Jain’s sangeet in 2020. Credits: Vogue

7. Cowboy boot sandals hai ya pedicured feet dikhane waale joote?

When you were legit cowboy boots, you must have enjoyed the attention, but now I feel sorry for you, bro. Should I wear you to a party or beach? Well, I am considering NOWHERE and no, I am not interested in flaunting my pedicured feet through you.

Credits: COWGIRL Magazine

8. Face mask dress hai ya corona mein khazana lootne waali outfit?

I’m not planning to create the Kim Kardarshian’s Met Gala look and I can’t think of wearing you on occasions other than attending a robbery workshop. Unless I leave my brain somewhere. Why would I want a dress with an inbuilt mask that will keep on hanging if I wish to eat a meal?

Credits: The Independent

9. Mud-stained jeans hai ya ‘daag achche hain’ waali denim?

If I would ever want to have a muddy coating on my jeans, I would buy a cool pair of denims, play in the mud, and get dirty. Why would I waste $425 (34,604 approximately) on you? At least those stains will make me happy unlike your fake dirt and won’t burn a hole in my pocket.

Credits: Mashable

10. Plastic rain boots hai ya saran wrap?

Why would I put saran wrap over my legs unless I want to show my yeti legs through you? And if I wear you in April, please explain how would I get relived from sweating? Tell me Chanel?

Credits: Pinterest

11. Clear plastic jeans hai ya…well, I am giving up!

Firstly, why are you called ‘jeans’? You are a see-through and made of plastic. Secondly, why are even a thing? And what am I suppose to wear inside? This kind of bikini? Also, how will you help me when I am sweating or my skin is chaffing?

Credits: Insider

Is it just me or you also feel they all are useless? Saste bhi ho toh bhi na kharidoon main inhe.