Italian luxury retail clothing company, Diesel, is making loud noise on the internet. You ask why? So, the firm has become a topic of debate on social media for its unique micro-mini skirt that made its debut in brand’s fall/winter fashion runway show earlier this year.

Diesel’s skirt which rather looks like a belt is being discussed on Twitter for its practicality coz’ it looks highly uncomfortable.

Before that, let’s know what the Diesel skirt is all about. The skirt having a strip of leather secured around the hips reportedly costs $1000 (₹82,000 approximately). It features iconic ‘D’ logo on the front and has a Velcro closure at the back. No hook or button, ladies.

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman wore the skirt from Diesel’s FW collection for a cover shoot of Perfect Magazine. The official Instagram handle of Diesel posted the picture of the actress back in August.

Check out the picture here:

A TikTok user, @ageorama, reviewed the skirt while discussing its functionality and ended up deciding that she will return the same. A Twitter user, @notkenni, posted her video on the platform. Watch the clip here:

Here’s how Twitterati are reacting to it:

I am having major trust issues about wearing this skirt. What about you? Would you try it for the sake of fashion?