Have you ever stared into the faces of strangers, unable to comprehend a single word they speak?

You are not alone.

It’s incredibly easy to get lost in translation. Even more so if you new to a place, where a local language is the main form of communication. Fret not, Scoopwhoop to the rescue! This new miniseries of language-driven posts is sure to leave you more confident, no matter where you go. The best thing about Indian languages is the ease with which they meld into other languages. This post will not make you a pro at the language (there are language classes for that, cheapskate!). But hey, at least you learn a few new cool words, and that’s the best part about learning a new language, no?

Usage: Maushi , ek cigarette dena .”

Usage:“You got a new iPhone? Laii Bhaari!!!


Aai Shapath , I’m going to murder all these rainclouds if it doesn’t stop raining!”


Sonia: “Where do you usually buy groceries? Where do you usually buy clothes? Where do you usually buy cosmetics? Where do you usually buy electronic devices? Do you think that people often buy more than they need? If so, what is the reason for that? Do you sometimes buy more than you really need?” Richa: “Sonia! DOKYALA TAAP DEU NAKO !”


A: “Dude! I just got the latest Zombie Army Trilogy box set! B: “ Jhakaas !!!” A: “Yeah, it’s going to be brutal!” C: “Also, Anil Kapoor did a spectacular role in Virasat, no?”


Passenger: “Auto! Andheri Station jaaoge?” Auto driver: “Nahi Madam, traffic bohot hai.” Passenger: *mutters* “Tujhya aaicha Gho.” Auto Driver: *drives away unaffected*

Usage: Ajay: “So the other day, I was driving down the Freeway at 120…” Dad: “ Kahi Kai , Ajay. Dokyala taap deu nako.”

Usage: Anarkali: “Salim, chal nikalte hai. Valentine’s Day hai. Raada ho sakta hai.”

Usage: Ajay: “The other day, I was on the 77 th floor of the….” Dad: “Ajay! Tujhya Nanachi Taang! Stop making up stories!”

Usage: Customer: “Suno, tumhara naam kya hai?” Boy: “Sirji, mera naam Pappu hai. Customer: Pappu, ek glass paani le aana.”

Usage:Policeman to woman crossing traffucked road, while talking on phone: “Madam! Thaaaaamba!

Usage: Person 1: “Let’s go grab some brunch? I’m starving!” Person 2: “Brunch?! Chyaaila , pocket mein 20 rupaye hai nahi! Brunch!”

Usage: Person 2: “Kya bola tu?! Person 3: “How can you, ya?! How can you!” Person 4: “Who the hell eats gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream!” Person 1: “I do, okay? And I like it!” Person 3: “Chyaaila, gheun taak! *furniture flies around*

Usage: Person 1: “It’s a good thing I got the form for the Entrance exam. Today is the last day.” Person 2: *horror-stricken face* “Aaichya gaavaat!”

Usage: Person 1: “Madam, tumhala kai pahije?” Person 2: “umm… Malaa Marathi samjat naahi. Person 1: “Madam, aap ko kya chahiye?” Person 2: “Ek ye dena. Do woh dena. Ek yeh bhi dena. Aur chaar piece woh do…” Person 1: *mutters* “tujhya aaicha gho…”