It is said that movies derive inspiration from real life. That is a tall claim considering the fact that if one tried half the things that are showed in Bollywood movies, he/she would probably have a hard time bailing out of the mayhem that will follow. Here are 15 things that work fine on the silver screen but are a disaster if you try them in real life.

1. Dancing on the road

Bollywood regularly features impromptu song-and-dance sequences where the lead pair break into a jig. And for some reason, everyone else on the streets also seem to know all the moves and join in. But a stunt like that in real life will get you a one-way ticket to a mental asylum. Failing that, you’ll probably get run over.

2. Following the girl

According to Bollywood movies, the guy should stalk the girl everywhere until she falls in love with him. If you get inspired and try that out, you’ll get at least 2-3 years in jail on charges of harassment.

3. Let’s fight it out

In Bollywood, even when it’s 5 vs 1, the odds are always with the hero who’ll beat all the gundas to pulp. In real life, it’s not a very good idea. You’ll be lucky if you escape with a few fractures and dislocations.

4. Daddy Cool

You want to go to Spain? Here take my money! You want to be a musician? Here’s a guitar, now hurry up for music class. In real life, every conversation starts with “Humare zamane mein…” and you will never hear the end of it.

5. Ghanta solution milega

In Bollywood, if you have a problem, perhaps the best thing to do is to ring the temple bell and voila! Your problems get solved. If only real life came with that formula.

6. 10 Saal baad…

So you’re fat, unattractive and boring? Worry not, because in 10 years’ time, you will have six-pack abs and a really attractive social life. But only in the movies. In real life, 10 years will pass and if anything, you will have packed on a few dozen kilos more on the way.

7. Weather proof

In Bollywood, it’s perfectly okay to dance in the rain or walk around the mountains in the skimpiest of clothes. In real life, even after all the cardigans and mufflers… achhhooo!

8. Catch me if you can…

If you make a run for it, you’ll get the train or the bus or whatever you want to catch… unless the director has other plans. Real life has you out of breath and late!

9. Jaao maaf kar diya…

Forgiveness comes easy in Bollywood. So you broke a few rules here and there and you are sorry about it. Well! All is forgiven. In real life, you got to pay your debts.

10. Running away…

So you are bored with your life and you just run away for an adventure! Reality check: EMIs kaun dega?

11. Slow motion

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you took all the important decisions in life in super slow motion? You should try that out once in real life to prove your friend’s judgement that you are a freaking retard.

12. Love story

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and bam! A love story is on the cards. In real life, love is not that easy to come by…

13. Speed limit kya cheez hai?

It is all open skies and roads that let you drive 140 km/hr for a joyride. In real life, just try to go over 40 km/hr in the morning traffic.

14. Mile sur tumhara hamara…

Everybody in Bollywood can sing amazingly well and that does not involve years of training or any visible effort. Real life has people begging you to just shut the fuck up!

15. And they lived happily ever after…

This is probably where it hurts the most. An ideal Bollywood love story has it all figured out in the end. All the bad guys and father-in-laws will vanish and as the bed of roses awaits. In real life, it doesn’t always end happy.

In simpler words, real life and reel life are poles apart. Don’t start dreaming that your life is going to pan out like a Bollywood movie because it will only end in misery. You have been warned!