Our parents are weirdly attached to their mobile phones, and it’s weirder when we have to tell them to use it less. The tables have turned, or we are in the upside down. If we closely notice, our parents use WhatsApp to share everything – even if that means bullying their children. They literally post life updates on statuses, so a masi-ki-nanad-ke-pati across town knows when our dads want to disown us.

It’s funny, sure, but it’s also melodramatic. Like these desi parents who post like “no one’s watching”.

1. Here’s a mother telling the entire world that her daughter pissed her off.

2. Seriously, who said dads don’t express? THIS is a lot of expression.

3. This one made me go, “Wah, Wah!”

4. Some dads are actually out there talking about mental health. Sweet.

5. Do we need to start keeping an eye on our parents now?

6. I don’t know what to feel about this status. This is scary and funny at the same time. Who’s watching HIM? I am hooked.

7. NO! He did not…

8. Now the world knows his secret to silky-smooth hair.

9. This is Baghban all over again.

10. It’s a scary world out there – with parents posting embarrassing pictures of us, whenever they want.

For them, WhatsApp is like this space for passive-aggressive venting.