You might be God’s favourite child but not of your parents. This is exactly how you feel when you chat with your parents over text. The one-word replies, drained of love and emotions, will make you question whether they’re lamenting their choice of birthing you.

To rub some salt on your wound, we have scoured the Internet and found some savage desi parents’ texts. So enjoy while screaming SAME!

1. Apply cold water ASAP because the burns that desi dads induce definitely leave a mark. 

2. What you see is that mere OK. What I see is a minimalistic way of acknowledging the love that’s showered on him.


3. Boy, he wanted to document the time at which you walked in so that he can use this against you the next time. These tricks get creative with each passing day!

4. So, your mom deciphered your gibberish when you were a toddler and you can’t even decode her OK? Ok. 


5. K? K. 

6. Same question with a different purpose every day. You’ll never know. 

7. Their tendency of using emojis is just… risky.


8. Sometimes the responses reduce to a word and the other times to an…alphabet. 

9. Topped your class? 👍 Made it to Forbes? 👍 Guess, some things never change. 

10. They’ll either reply in a word or send a full-blown email-esque message. There’s no in-between. 

11. To folks who don’t get tired of asking ‘what’s up?’, here’s your answer. 


12. The investigation is real.

13. She had no idea that it was yet another parental hack.

14. This conversation has so many layers. 


15. Then what did you expect? Fireworks or something?


16. She’s finding a rishta, RUN. 

17. Parents and forwarded messages: An untold love story. 

18. Bank folks put in more effort than desi dads. 


TBH, the tiny tokens of love packaged in a mere ‘👍’ are cute.