After an arduous wait, Barbie finally released in theatres today. Much before its release, the film captured everyone’s interest with its stellar cast, the insane marketing tactics, and of course, its clash with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. And everyone who played with Barbie dolls or was obsessed with them as kids lined up to watch the film on the first day.


For a lot of us desi kids, Barbie was a luxury. First, it was expensive. And second, you had cheap knockoffs of the doll available locally and parents would get us that. But that wasn’t it, we wanted the real deal. Getting the OG Barbie was a huge thing. In line with Barbie’s release, we found a tweet that asked desi people to share their Barbie doll stories. The tweet, by a user who goes by the name begum sahib, read, “What was your Barbie origin story? Mine was begging my khala in the US to bring me Barbies and a dollhouse even though I did NOT like playing with dolls but the sheer FOMO of missing out was enough.”

Take a look at the tweet here.

The tweet has fetched over 153.2K views and desi people spammed the replies and quote tweets with their Barbie stories. Some people wrote how they got dresses made for their Barbies, others wrote how they got their dolls married. While some shared how they got their Barbie much later in life. Their replies will take you down the memory lane.

Here’s what people had to say.

Tell us what is your Barbie doll story.

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