It’s not a ‘whistle podu’ moment, and not at all a ‘halla bol’ either. It’s a rather dark day for the fans of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals as the two franchises are suspended from the next 2 seasons of IPL. And it’s not just the fans who are going to miss the two teams in action, the players of the respective franchises are equally dejected as their careers hang in uncertainty.

Not one to court a lot of controversy, India’s ODI captain MS Dhoni is obviously disturbed and has a lot of questions which need answering. And who better than the owner of his franchise, N. Srinivasan, fondly known as ‘Srini!’

As it turns out, Srini has gone into hiding and if reports from reliable sources are to be believed, he has replaced the popular iPhone app Siri but is only approachable to MS Dhoni.

Here’s what they have been talking!

Dhoni to Srini:

Well, that escalated quickly!