It’s not new for PM Narendra Modi to take a tour of foreign countries and turn into one-of-their-own for the duration of his visit. And the credit for his ‘global citizen’ image goes to his entourage which comprises of the best of PR professionals, fashion designers, stylists and, obviously, language tutors.

As we speak, Modi is on yet another foreign trip, this time to Central Asia, starting with visits to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. And the global citizen is back in action!

And this time, it seems Modi has thrown open his Twitter account to his Uzbeki tutor. At least, his tweets suggest so:

Here’s how Modi greeted Uzbekistan upon his arrival! Instant connect, you see!

And then he wished the country hasta la vista, baby in Uzbek. So far so good.

But here’s when the first signs of Modi’s Twitter account being hijacked by his Uzbeki tutor surfaced:

And Indians were quick to make fun of Modi’s mystic tweets.

Even fake Omar Abdullah pulled his leg.

Others wanted Modi’s drug dealer’s number.

And someone actually tried scanning his tweet through softwares.

Others took random to another level.

But in the end, it is all about loving your PM, isn’t it?

Time to fire your tutor, Mr PM.