Most of us can agree that the morning routines that are shared by some podcast hosts, and tech experts/enthusiasts are often impractical, unsustainable and even kind of bizarre. There’s nothing wrong with being driven and ambitious, but a lot of men who discuss their routines fail to recognise that they have a level of privilege that allows them to create such an impeccable schedule.

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Credit: Variety

And this Twitter thread by @Full_Meals is an epic response to the podcast bros and tech bros who share their morning routines with an annoying sense of braggadocio.

As you can see, @Full_Meals has concluded the thread with beautiful sarcasm, one that’ll probably make you squirt your beverage out of your nostrils, out of sheer joy.

Here’s how people have responded to this:

Clearly everyone here can relate hard, both to the pointlessness of morning routines mentioned by many people who appear on podcasts, and/or by tech bros, and to the reality of what morning routines are actually like.