Feminism is a very simple concept. In extremely uncomplicated words, feminism aims to promote equal rights and responsibilities between genders and to put an end to gender inequality. However, it isn’t uncommon to see people spew some half-baked opinions on feminism that are based on misconceptions and/or partial knowledge. This podcast by Raj Shamani does exactly that.

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In a podcast episode with Ron Malhotra, Raj Shamani and the guest talked about a plethora of topics ranging from the education system to entrepreneurship, and billionaires. But what stood out was this one segment in the episode where they talked about feminism and gender roles. Ron Malhotra took the example of a burning building and said,

“The expectation is that women should run out screaming and nobody’s going to say that you’re a coward, because that’s true. They’re doing what they’re supposed to do by default. There is an expectation on men, and I think it’s a rightful expectation, that we have to act with honour. Do you really expect that feminine men are going to run into that building? I don’t believe they will.”

Ron Malhotra

And that wasn’t all. The guest went on to say what he feels is wrong with the feminist movement today. He said:

“The feminist movement, definitely, has some issues. I don’t know when it went from being pro-women to anti-men. That’s dangerous because now you’re making men feel like we need to be feminine.”

Ron Malhotra
ron malhotra

First things first, saying anything and adding gripping music to it doesn’t make your words profound. Coming to this segment in the podcast, the notion clearly stems from a skewed perception of feminism. Talk about missing the point effortlessly. It is society that forces these roles on people and feminism aims to break the perceived gender roles. Associating women with screaming/running and men to “act with honour” is problematic. Some women may not be brave to jump into the fire just like some men and that’s fine. And who decides what or which qualities make a “feminine man?”

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Feminism is still pro-women. Ron Malhotra and Raj Shamani are confusing it with misandry which is miles away from what feminism actually is. The movement isn’t anti-men either. One can be pro-women without being anti-men. The segment from the podcast went viral on Instagram. People called out Raj Shamani and Ron for peddling harmful notions on the podcast. Here’s what they had to say.

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High-time podcasters start being mindful of their content considering their giant listener base.